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Glass Bottom Boat Tour, Nassau

Glass Bottom Boat tour

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Review Date 8/14/2013

Were walking back to the ship and this guy Anthony stops us raving about his glass bottom boat tour he can provide.  he promised us a great deal and a fantastic trip and knowing how much Kim loves boats, I pulled out our cash and paid him the bargain price of $25.00 each I didn’t feel to bad about the price as I had seen it much higher in other spots.

While Anthony promised us air conditioning, the crew sat us on top of the boat so they could point out all the interesting sights we would see on our way out to the reef. We saw houses owned by Oprah, Bill Gates, Michael Jorden and others, although we laughed when someone pointed out they could simply have a list of famous people going this house belongs to , { scroll along names }  Missy Franklin!    And we would never know the difference.

The one thing they pointed out that found interesting was the island the filmed the TV series Gilligan Island on.  While most younger kids will probably know of the trial and tribulation of Gilligan and his crew. I remember watching the series every day, and it was just cool to see the island in person.

When we arrived at the reef, the crew  took half the people down to the boat bottom so they could see the reef, while the rest of us were given bread to throw out to the fish.  We saw a number of different types of fish that fought over the bread crumbs we were tossing into the water. Then the crew swapped everyone and we got a chance to see through the glass while the others feed fish.

I had imagined that a glass bottom boat would have a glass bottom, like the whole bottom would be a single sheet of  transparent plastic or something, but the reality fell somewhat short of that. The bottom of the boat was fitted with two windows,  probably 2 feet wide by as much as 10 or 15 feet long.  We must have been several feet above the reef, but it looked like there was just barely enough room for the fish to swim under the boat.

We stayed at the site for perhaps 20 minutes and the view was pretty spectacular.  The boat ride out to the spot was probably longer than the time we spent watching the fish, but it was better than not seeing fish.

Overall it was a fun experience but I would recommend you schedule this excursion on shore and haggle the price down.  I saw them charge between $30.00 and $50.00 a person for this and at $50.00 a person I would have been disappointing.