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Bluegreen Vacations – A timeshare Company

Last year my wife and I attended a Bluegreen Sales presentation in Las Vegas and decided to buy into the time share, as at the time, they had many properties along east coast, and our other timeshare company did not.

Like our investment with Worldmark ( Trendwest at the time) we purchased small, wanting to try them out before we committed anything more than a token purchased. Here are our experiences:

Las Vegas 2015:  Overall we like the place. It was just a couple of blocks off the strip (behind the MGM grand) and had a VERY convenient shuttle that would drop us off on the strip, and return back to he Bluegreen. The rooms are fantastic, and I would consider them a step up (not by much though) to a common room with Worldmark, the bathrooms / showers and decor in the common rooms are much more inline with Worldmarks premium suites. So bonus points there ( and the suites are SWEET!!!!) . However the TV’s in the room were odd, while they would turn on, you COULD NOT turn them off. We actually had to unplug the TV in order to turn the TV off.  In addition the Washer / Dryer unit in the room needed to be replaced as it did not work.  The staff was pleasant about the issues, but never could get the TV issue to resolve, however they did quickly replace the Washer / Dryer unit.  Interesting note here, in looking at other reviews, MANY people had the same issue with the TV’s.

The Pizza place right next door has terrific Pizza, and they is a Subway, Bagels and a restaurant all connected to the building in a small strip mall.

Las Vegas 2016:  Almost a full year to the day, we returned to the Las Vegas Bluegreen and was extremely disappointing.  The shuttle service changed so they would take you to the strip, but not return to Bluegreen. In addition, the TV situation was not resolved. Different room, same issue. Once you got the TV on, you could not turn it off.  I spoke with several people about it, including the maintenance manager and the resort manager about it and found out it was a conflict issue between the TV and  the cable system they had selected.  I cannot stress how disappointing I was that a full year after buying into this product, they had not resolved what I though was a major issue in the rooms, after all they had the same TV and service in every room and while management know about it, when you first call the front desk, they play it off as a fluke offering to send someone up  instead of just being upfront with the problem.  Sad.  We opted to give Bluegreen one more opportunity before making a decision about our purchase.

The Innsbruck at Aspen Photo from Bluegreen Vacations

Aspen 2016: The Innsbruck as Aspen is a very nice little facility. Terrific looking rooms. and gorgeous baths / showers. However as with Las Vegas, maintenance was slack. They left maintenance items in the room and the tub needed to be cleaned before it could be used.  The pool was about 10 feet long and 3 feet wide ( guess on my part ) but the hot tub was full sized. Parking is a challenge there, we got lucky and found a spot right away, but really felt if we moved, we would not have a parking spot at all, so the car never left. In addition the parking space is off a dirt road ally, and not paved.  Small item to be sure, but it is noteworthy.  Lastly the bed was the hardest mattress I have ever slept on (or tried to sleep on).  The Innsbruck has a bus stop right in front, of the building (and I understand the bus is a free town shuttle), and within walking distance of the main town (just a couple of blocks) So if you don’t mind  that, it’s pretty convenient.

Overall I don’t think we have decided what to do with our Bluegreen Timeshare. While they do have a lot of properties along the east coast, Worldmark has stepped up to the plate and added a lot out that way as well.  Bluegreen does have terrific looking rooms.

However as both our time share places are points based, I cannot see us investing a lot into two different places.