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Willow’s Farmhouse Grille – Merino, Co

Willow’s Farmhouse Grille

109 Colorado Ave

Merino Colorado


We had the opportunity to stop at Willow’s Farmhouse Grill last week.  Jay and Paula ( Owners ) recently purchased the business and are in the process of making it theirs .  Jay manages the Kitchen and Paula manages the front ( along with her friendly staff ) and I am happy to say it was well worth the drive.

Jay is a master in the kitchen. Both my wife and I has the sirloin steaks. They were grilled to perfection. The mashed potatoes  were terrific and the gravy was quite a bit different than anything we had been served before,  it looked like a typical white gravy but had a pleasant sweetness to it that I have never seen in gravy before. Delicious.  The bread was warm and the butter was a very tasty sweet butter with a hint of cinnamon ( I think) that left us wanting just more and more baskets of bread. We tried the  cheesy bacon fries which were also pretty tasty,  looking back I regret not asking for some green chili to put on them though.. I think it would have added a lot to the dish.


The service is also worth mentioning here.  We happened to show up on the busiest the day the two new owners had, as they were hosting a birthday party in the back room.  Every table  was full, but the staff made a point of touch base with everyone to ensure that they were happy with the service, with the food, drinks..  Food did take a bit of time to get out, as they were very busy, however they made very clear expectations when we sat that  the food would take an extra moment or two due to the larger crowd, ( drinks were promptly delivered – They have a full bar).  Paula  went table to able several time to ensure people know food was on the way, fill glasses with water ( or other some such drinks)  It was quite obvious to me that she is driven to ensure  everyone entering her little grille walked out the door happy, and ready to come back again.


I think they have 7-9 tables in the main room, and probably room for that again in the back room and it was a full house. They also have a large outdoor patio for warmer days.  I know  they have Karaoke on some/ all(?) Saturdays and both Jay and Paula can carry themselves well in those events.  The menu and daily specials can be viewed on facebook.


If you are driving by Merino ( a small little town just a few miles down the road from Sterling, it is absolutely worth a few minutes out of your way to swing in, have a little warm food, and good company before heading back down the road.