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Flaviar – A Spirits Tasting Club

I was very excited to join tasting club as I like my spirits, specifically rum and Tequila, however I like trying new brands and flavors. Sips from around the world and (frankly) the expensive stuff.


Flaviar is a secretive club. The ‘advertise’ limited membership and in fact when I joined, I had to wait until a slot opened up, now I only had to wait a few days and I am guessing based off how they do business, they have a lot of people join up, realize what you are offered, and then jump ship.. Why you ask…

Membership to is $60.00 for three months.  Not bad, but member ship seems to include one (only one) spirits sample. Not per quarter mind you, but a one time spirit sample ( they call them Spirit Samples)

The Spirit Samples from include a couple different Spirits in 1.5Oz bottles.

The Spirit Samples from include a couple different Spirits in 1.5 oz bottles.







Here is the official FAQ on membership:

What does the Membership include?
In your first Membership quarter you will automatically receive access to our exclusive selection of Bottles, themed Tasting Boxes, from craft to premium and a database of ratings, reviews and over 15,000 complete sets of tasting notes.  The moment you join, we will also dispatch our “Welcome to Flaviar” Tasting Box with three 1.5oz vials of tongue-picked craft Whiskies, complete with tasting instructions, tasting notes and distillery backgrounds. Once per month you will also be entitled to Free Shipping on all full-size Bottles and Tasting Boxes available to Club Members.  Additionally, you will be entitled to a number of exclusive benefits, access to the occasional events and all the trivial and educational content we’ve produced over the years.

Flaviars message on entering the vault.

Flaviars message on entering the vault.


There are some other ‘bonuses’ to joining, once a month Flaviar opens ‘The Vault’  for a few days. The vault has a hand full of exotic spirits ( all whiskeys the month I looked in) and offers spirit samples of the exotic spirits. The price ranges from around $15.00 to a lot… A lot of lot in fact, note these are NOT bottles of exotic spirits, these are SAMPLES of the spirits.

Here is an idea of what you can purchase from the vault.


Selection of 4 samples from different decades.


One of the cheaper samples I saw in the vault


Interesting Sample I saw in the vault.







One of the more expensive samples I found in the vault. $180.00 for 1.5 oz sample.

I am guessing that unless you really like to taste exotic spirits, you can see why people would join, then bail.

Don’t get confused , this is a spirit sampling company.  That being said, you do get access to a pretty well stocked liquor store as well. And they only stock high end, hard to find spirits. In addition the Welcome Box you received, you can purchase those as well, allowing you to try a couple different exotic samples they group together.  The sample boxes start around $30ish and go up, and it appears that most of the samples they offer, they carry full bottles as well.  (note not of the vault samples, I believe those are EXTREMELY rare to find)

The Liquor Store

The Liquor Store


As of right now I am unconvinced that the $60.00/ 3 months membership of is worth a few discounts, a single welcome box, and the chance at purchasing high end exotic spirits once a month.  However I do like the rums I have tried with them and will ride the membership a bit longer to see what all  they have to offer as well as investigate their stock vs some of my favorite liquor stores.

Before joining, just be sure you realize what the membership pays for.

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