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Garth Brooks – Pepsi Center Concert March 20 2015

Garth Brooks

Date: March 20, 2015   7:00PM

Garth Brooks Concert @ The Pepsi Center, Denver Colorado

1st Show.

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The Garth Brooks Stage – In the Round at the Pepsi Center. Denver Colorado.

I’ll be the first to admit I have never been one for live concerts. Between the crowds, music so loud your ears ring for hours afterwards and the artist either not playing you favorite song, or they mash it with a number of other songs.  However after a bit of a struggle, my wife convinced me to attend Garth Brooks with her at the Pepsi Center in Denver.

I am very glad she did.

Garth put on a fantastic show. While he did not have an opening act, the show was just over 2 hours long and featured Garth for the majority of the show, with a couple of songs from his wife Trisha Yearwood (More on her later).  The Concert tickets were very well priced.  We paid around $150.00 for floor seats, 16 rows from the stage. Being on the end I was not very cramped at all. Although the rows interior seemed pretty tight, once the concert began, everyone stood up and there was quite a bit of room, as the chair seats folded up and out of the way.


The light show was terrific.

The light show was terrific.

While Garth has a new album I have to give him credit for playing a lot of his fan favorites. At one point he even mentioned that he chose to focus on his older music, because like the common fan, he really enjoyed listening to his favorites while attending a concert, as opposed to the newest music. ( to which the crowd went nuts! )


I’ll admit I have never been a huge fan of Mr. Brooks, mostly due to his genre, I do have a couple of songs I really do like including Thunder Rolls and Friends in Low places.  And it’s not that I dislike the rest of his works, I just have never really paid attention to them.


Full Stage at the Pepsi Center in Denver Colorado.

Full Stage at the Pepsi Center in Denver Colorado.

The fans at the arena were actually quite pleasant to be around. Fans polite and helpful, helping find seat rows and numbers which were marked, but hidden once someone took the first seat in a row. (This was floor seating,  the arena seating is clearly marked.


Playing in the round, Garth circles the stage so everyone gets a good show.

Playing in the round, Garth circles the stage so everyone gets a good show.

Garths Stage was in the round, and every seat in the building was sold ( in fact every seas was sold for 9 shows! ) What would typically be poor seats (Behind the stage), actually gave a show very close to action and Gather and his crew made every effort to ensure fans were included and felt part of the show.


The only disappointment in the show was Trisha Yearwood’s brief performance.  She almost did not make the show due to illness ( sore throat), and the few songs she sang, she had a pretty rough go of it. However she did an excellent job of choosing fan favorites, enabling the masses at mile high to sing along with her. By making it interactive she turned a disappointing performance on her part into a pretty good stage show.  As with Garth, I have never been a big fan, but I would have enjoyed hearing her sing more of her works, rather than listen to the crowd sing her songs.


I really thought that Garth would stick very closely to a 2 hour show simply due to the logistics of the facility. The show was supposed to start at 7:00PM, but ended up starting around 7:15 or so.  He was due to have a second show starting at 10:30PM.  So simple from a logistics point of view, the show could not be much longer than 2 hours, and I figured he would end the concert at 9:00(ish) to ensure the crowd could leave, the crews could clean and then still have time to get the second crowd into the arena.

The reality was a bit of a mess.  While I was quite happy that Garth played several encore songs, leaving the Pepsi Center was a nightmare with almost a 45 minute wait just to get out of the parking lot and away from the facility simple sure to the volume of people leaving the 7:00 PM show, and arriving for the 10:30 PM show.


I did feel sorry for the couple behind us as they had two children that looked 5 or 6 years old, and they were cramped as they spent a good portion of the concert sitting and taking care of kids, rather than watching the show.   It was a classic case of the parents wanting the kids to experience a show of a lifetime, and the kids really did not want anything to do with it, in the end, based on the look of the parents and the kids, no one had a good time. The parents were frustrated they didn’t get to watch the show, and the kids were just tired of being cooped up for 3+ hours (if you include the time before the concert)  Parents –  get a babysitter your 5 and 6 year olds will not appreciate the music and if you are watching your kids, neither will you.. Just my 2 cents.


Overall it was a terrific show, and well-priced for such a short concert.  However with Trisha Yearwood not performing well, and the cluster of getting away from the Pepsi Center, I have to drop my rating to a 3.5 Stars . It was worth the ticket price, but the  two issues I found with the show distracted from otherwise an outstanding night.

That being said, if you can attend on a night where Trisha Yearwood is feeling well, and there is only one concert that night.. I could see that being worth 5 stars.