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Quality, Service and Price – The Unattainable Triangle

Quality, Service and Price is known as the Unattainable Triangle in advertising.

After all doesn’t everyone want the Best product, and an unbeatable price, delivered yesterday?

I believe as a consumer you need to choose two of those three and make those a priority, and understand that the third must be sacrificed in order to properly get the other two.

So what does that mean to me?   Well I decided a long time ago that I would sacrifice price in my efforts to get a better product and better service. My life analogy is beer and in fact I use beer as an analogy for a lot of things in my life.

When I moved from the stage in my life where I was drinking beer to get drunk, to drinking beer because I liked the taste, I chose Quality and Service over price when purchasing beer.  I would go to bars or restaurants and actually talk to the bartender/ waitress about the beers available, their favorites and asked for suggestions ( IE Service)  and then get a better product in the beers I purchased (IE Quality).

However buying THAT beer was more expensive than ordering the Coors or Budweiser (Price). Price became secondary to the Quality and Service in the purchasing process.

That is the through process of how I make decisions regarding purchases.

So what does that do for me beside empty my wallet quicker that someone that chooses price?  Well sometimes I don’t like the quality of the product, it’s not what I expected ( I didn’t like the beer), However because I made Service a priority, the Waitress may swap it out for a different beer at no charge.  By Choosing to make Quality and service a priority, I usually have a pleasant experience with my purchase. When I don’t, I feel I have a right to object because I specifically prioritized having that pleasant experience over the price.


By extension that means I usually go places the prioritize Quality and Service over price as well, and THEY don’t want me to have a bad experience either… After all they realized I could have gone elsewhere and they value my patronage.