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4 TV series you probably haven’t watched, but should

Netflix Original Series: Sense8sense8

Michael Straczynski creates a addicting story of 8 people from around the world that suddenly link minds. They can feel what each other is feeling, speak to each other and can even start to use each other’s talents, but will it be enough to hide from a enemy that wants to destroy them.

The beginning of the show is quite hectic  as the screen jumps between characters, emotions and feelings producing a sense of confusion for both the viewer and the characters as they start to come to grips with what is happening.

However as the confusion of what is happening swirls around the viewer, plot hooks and hints leave in insatiable thirst for more. It’s not until the second or third episode that the story-line coalesces and the confusion starts to fade, by that time however you will be have swallowed the plot hooks, line and sinker.  The first season concludes with a semi-satisfying 12 episodes (wished there were more!).  However as a Netflix series, all season episode are released at the same time! When season two rolls out, all episode will be released at the same time. Pop the popcorn and settle in front of the TV, cause it’s gonna be a long week!.



Netflix Original Series: Daredevildaredevil

based on the Marvel Comic’s Daredevil. As a child, Matt Murdock ( Charlie Cox ) was involved in a chemical spill that took his sight, but heightened his other senses. Trained in martial arts, Matt becomes a lawyer of the people by day, vigilante at night.

The first season of Daredevil pits Daredevil against his most magnificent comic book villain,  Wilson Fisk AKA The Kingpin ( Vincent D’Onofrio ). Wilson Fist is a crime boss that is taking over Hells Kitchen for his vision of a better future, However as Matt Murdock, learns of the plots, Daredevil steps up to take down the Mob boss and all of his associates.  

With Dynamic fight sequences, clever dialogue and a story line that is addicting as crack. this is a series you will love to watch.


Syfy Original Series: Eureka 

Part of the Syfy shared universe, the High Tech fictional town of Eureka hosts Global Dynamics, a government sponsored research facility with oversight by the Department of Defense. Global Dynamics is a Bleeding Edge Technology company that develops prototype  ray guns, force fields and other futuristic toys on a regular basis.

The Show opens with US Marshal Jack Carter ( Colin Ferguson )
getting stranded in Eureka while taking a fugitive to LA.  While there Jack stumbles through Eureka and learns of is Top Secret research facility, he becomes enamored with the town and people, ultimately accepting the position of Town Sheriff.

This comedy follows the pains of Jack Carter as he tried to support the people of Eureka, manage his own wayward daughter and save the world from science experiments gone wrong on a daily basis.

Eureka spanned 5 seasons and it’s well worth the time to power watch the entire 77 episodes.


BBC – Doctor Whodrwho

One of the longest running shows in the world, Dr Who dates itself back to 1963 . Dr Who, a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey who adventures through time and space in his TARDIS, that, due to a malfunction, is stuck in an appearance of a Blue British Police box.

The Doctor, who is currently portrayed by Peter Capaldi, can regenerate his mind and body when hurt, (or old) enough to die. a novel method of allowing new actors to step into the title role and develop the character all over again, and it’s the main reason the show has been able to span over 50 years of television. 

If you have not yet started to follow the good Doctor, I would recommend starting with Rose , the first episode of the 2005 season and follow Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor though the current season starting September 19, 2015. 

Be sure to buy a lot of microwave popcorn,  even Power Watching this series is going to take time, but it’s worth every moment.

Note: The series also has a spin off called Torchwood that is well worth watching.